Sunday, February 13, 2011

Sunday 13th

Sunday, 13th
is short and simple call to remind everyone, in order to keep respect and give room for differences and to keep trying to become an independent people 100%.
Sunday 13th is the movement of solidarity initiative with Indonesia street artist who critically addressing the current situation.
Action encourages artistic comrades Indonesia street artist to use the text "BERBEDA DAN MERDEKA 100%" as a joint appeal, with the exploration of artistic, stylish, technical, and visual medium freely in public spaces or our immediate environment through the work of the Mural, Graffiti , Tagging, Poster, Sticker, Stencil Art, etc.
To record a trace, trace and track that this is a movement with as little as a historical record of our concern for others, make these initiatives remain independent action and not to ride!
Berbeda dan Merdeka 100 %
at Fly Over Ciputat, Tangerang.
more photos click here!

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